Social Responsibility

Sustainability is a must!

Around Deva & Clover® A.S., sustainability and making long-term contributions in a responsible way is the most adapted value for our employees, suppliers, clients, partners.
These goals applies all our the team members, clients, suppliers, partners.
Deva & Clover A.S.

Proper labor

Deva & Clover® A.S. concerned with child labor in its supply chains & clients. Based on global concerns on child labor and our ongoing commitment to no child labor, Clover Inc. will always try to eliminate such partners and companies in that behavior. Companies who try to act against this policy will not be accepted as supplier, partner or a client. First we do check ups on the related business contact and if we see any suspicious evidence Deva & Clover® A.S. never starts any business or any set up with that particular company.

Responsible partners

Deva & Clover® A.S. seeks to only work with ethically responsible partners. We have the set standard for our suppliers. We regularly check how well keep up for these demands. In exchange to that we also know that we have to be a good partner as well. All we talk is about having long-term partnerships.

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Ethical Environment

Fair play, honesty and happiness are fundamental to our business. We all have to respect each and every individual as well as animals. In respect to that human rights and animal rights are adopted throughout Clover. This also applies to our colleagues, partners, clients.

Energy Saving

Nowadays another concern globally is saving the energy. In that manner we try to use effective energy and also inform our partners and clients on saving energy for better future.


We support our suppliers for recycling by forwarding them to right sources for recycling there remains. By this way we try to keep environment more cleaner and also add values to our supplier companies.

Natural Resources

We care about natural resources as part of this living world. In respect to nature for the all living creatures, including human-being we are focused on using ecologically compatible practices to keep healthy nature and society.